How to Receive Answers from God – Source When You Are Afraid of Getting it Wrong

The idea for this newsletter came from a dear soul who turned into so frightened of “getting it wrong” within the process of doing a writing to God/Holy Spirit/Source for any be counted that weighs on her coronary heart, that I simply had to find a way to assist her, and also you. This is a not unusual fear because this technique is completely out of our comfort region. It is unfamiliar. We were no longer raised being taught our birthright of the usage of all six senses, however to operate from just 5. Fears of somehow no longer being able to get hold of divine solutions are not unusual clearly due to the persona not but having numerous studies with this pure and loose procedure. However, just as with any new endeavor, after you do it, the fears evaporate.

If you, too, experience worry on this place, take coronary heart. There are different methods which I’ll proportion with you currently to acquire divine steering at any time, all of which is addressed inside the ebook If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

Let’s think that for some thing cause you cannot hand write or type. Here is something I urge every person to do for as long as you stay in case you want your lifestyles to leap only in all regions.

The ‘still small voice’ that guides you from inside, the one that may say some thing like, “Take this street domestic these days in preference to the only you typically take” that”inner voice’ is God/Source/Holy Spirit, or something call you for my part use whilst referencing the purest divine steerage.

Did you ever, as soon as, acquire inner steerage and *not* comply with it? Me, too. And did you regret it? So did I. Alternatively, did you ever once get hold of internal steering and in reality observe it? Me, too. Were you happy you did? So changed into I along side each unmarried man or woman I have ever spoken with from all walks of life, countries and cultures.

The basis of Higher Self Communication and receiving divine steering is listening within to the ‘still small voice.’ For many people, their heads are so busy with countless mind chatter, worries and mind of ‘what if’ that it is comparable to being in a automobile and blasting the radio at the highest volume. Then, believe that a gentle rain starts offevolved to fall, and the little raindrops are gently falling on the windshield. Do you observed you can pay attention the raindrops if the tune is speakme at excessive quantity?

No, you will now not be able to pay attention the sound of the raindrops. But, in case you lowered the radio quantity due to the fact you wanted to hear that soft, peaceful sound, you’ll listen it! And it’d convey a grin in your face.

From this second forward for eternity, I am guiding you to cautiously listen within to the steering that flows into your thoughts. That is God guiding you, me and every person who has ever lived on this planet.

There is an instance this is strong and needed to pressure this factor home so that you constantly observe via – that is what you will be happy you did.

Suppose you have a fine buddy whose birthday is on Friday, and also you promised her you’ll move over her house to rejoice her birthday. Imagine this: Ten minutes before you’re approximately to go away your home, you’re receiving gentle, easy steering that you pay attention inside your mind. The guidance is saying, “stay domestic. Don’t cross.”

Now, the majority would say something along the lines of, “Where is THIS coming from? I can not live domestic. This is my high-quality pal, and it’s her birthday. It’s now not even raining out. I’m going to her house to celebrate her birthday.” And once more, the steering gently flows into your thoughts announcing, “Stay home. Don’t move.”

Now at this point, you’ve got tossed the idea of following the still small voice of divine steering. You have determined along with your loose will and preference to disregard that steerage in prefer of going to your pal’s birthday collecting at her home, and also you leave your home to get into your automobile.

You’ve been riding for approximately seven minutes while a truck slams into your automobile. It’s a terrible accident. You cannot experience your legs. You are rushed to the health facility, and spend the subsequent years of your life getting to know how to walk once more.

During one among your periods with the physical therapist, you share, “On the night time of the twist of fate, some thing inside become telling me ‘do not go, live home’ and I didn’t concentrate.”

Many folks examine the hard manner while we brush aside the inner, natural, perfect and all-understanding steerage from God/Source/Holy Spirit – or whatever call you feel maximum comfortable calling it. And every time we learn the hard way, we dearly regret it.

Now, I am guiding you definitely coming from an area of take care of humanity, to ALWAYS observe that also small voice. In maximum cases it will NOT make feel to the ego, most of the time the steerage does not look like logical. This is due to the fact we are able to best see thus far with our eye sight. But the divine can see the whole lot, and whilst we’re guided, it’s far OUR desire whether or not or not we pay attention, or ignore the steering and do as we please with our free will and desire.

At a few factor, which I pray is right now, you learn to follow that inner steering as it will ALWAYS guide you within the nice course. It will ALWAYS preserve you out of harms way. It is God guiding you.

The amazing information is that once you are inside the dependancy of following that ‘nevertheless small voice’ it becomes THE guiding voice of your life, after which after a short time you take stock of your life and note how a good deal better lifestyles has grow to be because you’ve got been following the inner steerage you receive.

If you simplest do this, you’ll handiest feel gratitude, and I do guarantee you, you’ll never, ever remorse following via with the guidance you receive. It surely and lightly flows into your mind whilst you are wakeful.

It is this steerage that is our saving grace. In one second we acquire clarity, a new attitude, or a solution while we have been seeking to determine something out.

There is not a single person in the world who cannot gain from receiving answers from God after they cannot determine out the solutions on their very own. Many instances solutions will come in the course of sleep in our desires whilst the voice of the ego is subdued and Spirit can get a word in edgewise. During our waking moments, paying attention to and following thru with the mild steerage will usually be something we’re so grateful we did.

Do this, even simply as an test for the following four weeks. See and EXPERIENCE the outcomes. Then, decide for yourself. I understand for the next 4 weeks your lifestyles is going to be so much nicer as a result. After 4 weeks, you may virtually be glad you accompanied the voice of God who guides you presently and forevermore.

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. Is the first-rate promoting writer of thirteen books and a world main expert in non-public transformation and religious awakening. She is a pioneering pressure in incorporating Higher Self Communication, the nondenominational study and integration of humanity’s God Nature into current personal growth and non secular evolution. Dr. Rose is thought for presenting life changing answers, quick practical education and deep non secular knowledge to humans worldwide. She is the Founder of Institute of Higher Self Communication, Center for Higher Self Realization, and Global Humanitarian Religious Peace Treaty For more detail please visit