If You’ve Ever Wondered How to Burn PS2 Games, Wonder No More

There are two main reasons why people don’t burn copies of their PS2 games. They think that burning games is illegal, and they think its too difficult or complicated. Were here to dispel both of these notions blog..

Firstly, lets start with the legality of downloading and burning software. It is in no way illegal for owners of a product to download and burn backup copies. Most game owners simply throw their games out when they’ve been damaged and either buy another copy, or let that be the end of their relationship with the game, when they can legally download and burn PlayStation 2 games that have been damaged, lost, etc.

Secondly, it is not at all difficult to burn PS2 games, and well spend the rest of this article showing you how its done. To get started you’ll need a good DVD burner. This is perhaps the most vital component of the whole operation, so having a good burner is important. Next, you’ll need blank discs to burn to. While not quite as important as the burner, the media you attempt to burn to will also have an effect on the quality of the burn. In general, you should avoid cheap media such as discounted store brands, and stick to major name brand media.

Next, you’ll need a copy of your game. You can either obtain this copy directly from your existing copy of the game, or download a new version online. The trouble with making your own copies is that imperfections in your copy will also show up in your backup, whereas the majority of images found online are perfect copies made from brand new software. For this reason its generally advised to download an image found online. Making a backup of an already damaged image obviously doesn’t make much sense.

Finally, you need a good image burning program, and there are many choices available. We usually recommend one of the paid programs available, some of which we’ve reviewed here on this site, as the quality with which they burn PS2 games is far superior to most any free program. They also routinely provide updates to their software to keep them on the top of the changing industry, while free programs are updated rarely, if at all.

With all the elements together, you can now burn PS2 games to your hearts content. Use a burning speed that is appropriate both for your burner and media. Depending on these two factors, you may only be presented with certain available speeds to burn at. Ideally the slower speed should be chosen, but the risk of burning at a faster speed is up to you. Just don’t be surprised if you make yourself a few new coasters rather than quality PlayStation 2 game copies.

We can’t stress enough that downloading and burning games is legal, and not nearly as difficult as it can appear. Having the right tools for the task is the most important element (a refrain that most tradesmen would readily stand by), and this includes the right burner, media, image burning program, and image itself. We hope we’ve shown that anyone can learn how to burn PS2 games, and enjoy their favourite games for years and years to come.

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