New Combi Boiler Installation – 14 Steps to Avoid For The Cowboys!

There is lots to keep in mind whilst you are thinking about a brand new Free Boiler Grants set up. This guide will take you through the method from start to complete. This is quite a hard assignment describing in phrases what a Gas Safe engineer does every day. Not all of the points might be relevant for your particular set up but this manual will at the least give you an concept of what to anticipate from your new boiler and what to anticipate from an installer coming to your home.

Things to bear in mind:
– Your finances – grants, loans and different schemes
– Finding an installer – getting three rates
– The contemporary water stress of your machine
– Your modern machine – format/design and circumstance, boiler siting
– Your hot water demand – toilets, ensuites and many others
– Choosing a boiler
– Upgrading your pipework – gasoline and water pipework
– Adding a MagnaClean
– Adding thermostatic radiator valves/room thermostat
– Adding additional radiators
– Powerflusing your device or flushing your gadget
– Commissioning your system
– Filling in the benchmark/notifying constructing control
– Advising the purchaser on how to get the first-class performance from their boiler
– Installers running to pleasant exercise

Your budget – presents, loans and other schemes

There are plenty of schemes available depending on your instances. The new Boiler Scrappage Scheme is to be had to all families in England who’ve a G rated boiler of their home. It offers £four hundred towards the cost of a brand new boiler installation. There is also a scheme called the Warm Front Scheme which presents upto £3500 closer to home heating and insulation improvements. To be eligible you should be on some type of benefit or be a low income household. It is usually a bad idea to finance your boiler set up the use of a credit score card or bank loan. Although there are price blessings to be won through having a brand new condensing boiler these will be eaten up with the aid of repaying the loan. If your cutting-edge boiler is in right running order and you’re involved about it breaking down then a British Gas homecare settlement is really helpful at round £19 in keeping with month. An Npower settlement which gives much less advantages is also to be had at round £7.99 according to month.

Finding an installer – getting three prices

You need to intention for 3 costs. This is greater than good enough to get a very good idea of what you need. Each character engineer will give you unique ideas on how high-quality to go ahead. They may even have their own favored boilers and techniques of running. It is a good concept to dance ideas and questions around to envision whether the engineer is certainly equipped in the subject he might be required to work inside. Unfortunately there are plenty of newly certified plumbers and gasoline engineers in this enterprise and although they are perfectly safe and ‘took place’ to work they will not be a) able to advocate you of the most green approach going forward, b) suggest you completely wrongly or c) no longer in reality have an answer. Sometimes it can be hard to find someone you trust; in the end, this could be a massive funding.

Often using the phone book can be a bad concept. So can the usage of someone who posts leaflets thru the door. The quality and relied on approach will constantly be with the aid of personal recommendation. Asking the engineer plenty of questions also can give you a few diploma of confidence. Checking their Gas Safe registration ought to additionally be a priority. Unfortunately there are lots of illegal fuel engineers working and those humans are putting lives at threat. Checking someones gasoline safe registration may be very easy. Ask to look a Gas Safe registration card. Every engineer carries a card and it amazes me that 99.Five% of clients do no longer ask for ID. Every engineer have to be proud of their qualifications and love to expose them off. Do no longer be shy and in future make a point of it.

Once you’ve got were given your 3 prices you want to examine what you are getting. Quotes need to be broken down as a great deal as feasible. This will come up with an concept of what precisely you are paying. I do not recognize how groups can justify list a load of materials and specifications and then including a parent. Costs should be constant price charges whether you’re a millionnaire or on a totally low budget;)

It is first-rate to get a written settlement for your very own advantage. If the employer doesn’t offer one then you can easily draw one up. This will guard in opposition to faults that could expand later on after the gadget has been mounted. If installed to satisfactory practice and following all manufacturers instructions then a important heating system will best not often breakdown because of a producer aspect fault. That is why respected installers provide a non-public assure on all their work, this could be upto 5 years but three years is everyday. This is along ordinary manufacturer ensures which may be upto five years parts and labour. Other approaches of finding an installer may be the internet however personal advice is continually the quality approach.

The contemporary water pressure of your system

Its very vital to measure your mains water pressure to check whether a combi will simply paintings. You may not have enough pressure for a combi gadget to paintings so this will want to be measured. A able engineer will ensure that this is one of the first matters he does. If you do have low strain then your set up alternatives could be restrained. One instance is when a mains stress of 0.8bar from a clients assets is measured. A positive Vaillant boiler which gives their full hot water output at simply zero.5bar could be encouraged by using any able engineer. This manner that this boiler might be one in every of a very few boilers that would be considered for this clients property. It might have been a expensive mistake not testing the mains water pressure and that is one cause why this must be finished as trendy. Having stated all the above, problems are very very rare. Your water corporation can advise on what your water strain is probable to be if you are worried. If for say you live on a very big hill you could have reasons for difficulty.

Your modern system – layout/layout and situation, boiler siting

Your modern situation may want to have a massive affect on value of set up. Moving a boiler can add vast price as routing pipework can regularly be very elaborate. Moving a boiler nearer the gas meter can on occasion price similar to a immediately switch. This is due to the fact the fuel meter pipework upgrade would require much less materials and much less labour. Although some re-routing of water pipes may be required. If you need to improve from a machine to a combi boiler this will be the most expensive combi boiler set up. The machine layout and pipework will want altering. The hot water cylinder and tanks inside the loft will need casting off. If you’ve got a lower back boiler this can upload time and fee on as properly.

This can occasionally be tough to cast off as can also reason the chimney to weaken. Your installer could be capable of recommend whether the elimination of the returned boiler is pleasant left to a shriveled a builder. If there’s going to be new pipework in your private home then it’s miles desirable to have this below the floorboards and out of web site. It makes for a better, cleaner task. Beware of agencies wishing to take shortcuts or certainly charging more for lifting carpets and floorboards. There are strict regulations governing where pipes are laid in joists. The length of notches can weaken joists and bounds are set for this reason. It is in reality unacceptable to cling pipes unfastened – even pipes containing water. Floorboards have to be screwed back into place and no longer nailed as this can just reason the floorboard to loosen over time. Carpets and other fittings must be left as determined. It is commonly the clients obligation to transport furnishings and different gadgets which are inside the way. This is because of duty issues. Common feel must always be successful of direction.

If you have got concrete floors then this can add a lot of fee as digging into the floor can be highly-priced. The pipes will then want to be wrapped to make sure the concrete does not perforate them and this ultimately reasons a leak under your ground. Fixing this leak will imply you having to re-dig the concrete and changing the pipework. If done successfully and in accordance with producers instructions its a completely simple project. An engineer who isn’t always inside the realize with reference to policies can motive extreme troubles. Boiler siting can also reason troubles sometimes. New condensing boilers may also purpose pluming troubles and this can pass neighbour obstacles. Pluming kits are to be had and can eradicate this trouble. Boiler flue terminal positions can also be a trouble but these will be rare. The terminal needs to be a minimal 30cm faraway from window or door openings to stop merchandise of combustion re-entering the property. If there’s no other opportunity than to put your boiler next to a window that isn’t in use then it’ll both need blockading up, ie cementing and bricking up or it’s going to want screws put in in order that it cannot open. Although the latter approach is inside the scope of the policies it might be advocated better bricking it up.

Your hot water demand – lavatories, ensuites etc

Even the lowest output of boiler (eg a 24KW) can, if set up effectively, cope with up to 14 radiators. When determining which boiler will match your needs you have to do some research on boiler hot water output capacities. Some smaller output boilers will deliver inside the vicinity of say 9 litres of water according to minute at a positive temperature. Bigger fashions will produce 16 litres and more. This distinction can be the difference among an OK bathe or a completely effective shower. It may even have an effect on how lengthy a bathtub takes to fill up. You can even see an effect when you have lavatories ie a first-rate toilet and an ensuite bathroom. Larger sized boilers will simply be able to address showers used simultaneously. Smaller boilers will truely not. You need to bear in mind how this may have an effect on you. Further advice may be given with the aid of your preferred installer.

Choosing a boiler

Choosing a boiler may be difficult. There are such a lot of boilers accessible that most effective an expert can guide you via your needs and fit them up with a appropriate boiler. The better makes of boiler are Viessmann, Worcester and Valliant even though a number of the fashions from those producers have been horrendous. These will be the earlier fashions and any expert will recognise which fashions to persuade properly clean of. The Viessmann one hundred model (in advance version) has teething issues however the whole thing has been resolved now and that is one of the main fashions in the marketplace if not the nice. Of path each engineer can have his/her very own possibilities however if you go to any forum in the UK and ask if the Viessmann boilers are any accurate I will guarantee you wont get an professional saying whatever against them.

Boilers can typically variety in fee from £four hundred (B&Q) to £1400 (top Vaillant version) Although the £400 one will closing for years and years if hooked up properly it is open to debate whether or not this boiler will closing 10 years or even if it does, how a good deal cash you may need to spend on maintenance? A tremendous price range boiler is the Glowworm Betacom 24KW. For the rate it represents very good value. It will rely on your price range and what you experience relaxed. It is usually recommended to get charges for exclusive boilers and you can see for your self expenses variations. The fee of the boiler will include all ensures and if there are any problems with faulty manufacturer components and so forth your installer could be answerable for this. Buying your very own boiler and getting an installer to in shape it is able to gift many troubles.

For instance, is the boiler you are shopping for rather new? It may additionally appearance new, ie unopened packaging etc however it could were sitting in a storage for 2 years. If a boiler is not installed within 12 months of its manufacture date it’s going to void any assurance. Also, if any additives are missing out of your boiler then you’ll be in the long run responsible for misplaced time and fee. Most installers will now not work this way for the above reasons as they without a doubt do not realize the history of the boiler and if a thing fails after the boiler has been geared up it may purpose considerable issues.

Your installer will suit your wishes to a appropriate boiler

Upgrading your pipework – fuel and water pipework

Gas pipework used to be run in 15mm from the meter to the boiler. There are new guidelines which mean that pipework must be upgraded to 22mm as new condensing boilers are required to run on 22mm copper pipework. If the routing is easy then this will be a easy activity. Sometimes carpets want to be lifted and pipework will pass under floorboards. A lot of groups have fixed charges for pipework alterations and this includes fittings to provide you an concept of price and labour fees.

All pipework should be clipped, there are rules governing clipping distances for gas pipework. Pipework ought to continually be secured and must be sleeved if passing through a cavity wall. One quit ought to be sealed also. Your installer will carry you up to speed in case you do have any worries. If you are going from a device boiler to a combi boiler there may be plenty of greater work which include altering pipework and disposing of tanks and cylinders. This will suggest more space on your airing cabinet and loft area.

Adding a MagnaClean

Some agencies will not healthy and assure their paintings if you do no longer comply with having a MagnaClean equipped. This extra paintings may be executed for a very reasonable rate as they could be already carrying out work inside the property. More facts can be observed via clicking at the MagnaClean internet site. Unfortunately new condensing boiler have very vulnerable heat exchangers and the MagnaClean will keep them from getting damaged. This is why most agencies insist on every patron having one installed.

Adding thermostatic radiator valves/room thermostat

Adding thermostatic radiator valves can substantially reduce your heating payments. It allows every radiator to be managed in my view. Why have the warmth on within the whole house whilst you only want it in a single? It is endorse now not turning a valve absolutely off but setting it to 1. Adding TRV’s will ultimately save you masses of money and can be very cheap to install. Some corporations can have offers while presenting and fitting these. Energy performance should be promoted each time.

A room stat or a programmable room stat is a felony requirement. Your installer will advise what the first-class alternative for you is. A wireless stat can be greater costly however there may be the advantage of no visible wiring.

Adding additional radiators

If you need to add extra radiators it is exceptional to feature those while having a brand new boiler set up. It will extra than possibly be cheaper. Some of your radiators can be undersized or very vintage and you must bear in mind upgrading these.

Powerflusing your machine or flushing your gadget

There is a huge difference between powerflushing your important heating system or just flushing your device. Powerflusing involves higher strain and circulates fresh water and special chemicals round your device. It is typically needed on older systems as sludge and dirt builds up over years and years. This will suggest which you both have cold spots or not particularly warm radiators. Having sparkling water in a device method water may be heated up to the maximum stress the boiler will permit and will suggest hotter radiatiors which in turn manner greater performance. A powerflush isn’t a felony requirement when changing your boiler but it’s far advisable. When a powerflush is occupied with a boiler installation discounts can be given.

Normal cold and hot water flushing is a demand whilst a boiler is installed. Cleanser and inhibitor is brought. A hot and cold flush ought to be completed with the intention to paintings to best practice. New boilers do now not like several dirt in the gadget, warmness exchangers can get very ‘clogged’ up and the fee of alternative can be very extremely good.

Commissioning your device

Things that should be included to your installation and are considered exceptional education:

1. Flushing with Fernox or Sentinel product/filling with inhibitor from equal
2. Roomstat/programmer, TRV’s (quality instruction, encouraged)
three. Balancing and commissioning in step with manufacturers commands, important so as not to invalidate warranty.
4. Decommisioning of old boiler, tanks and all waste substances associated with installation
five. Making proper eg. New and antique flue openings
6. Completion of Benchmark log e-book, critical.
7. Notification of latest boiler to Building Control
eight. At least three years assured on pipework and associated fitting (the boiler producer can have their personal guarantees.)

The above must be in writing to defend your costly new buy.

Filling inside the benchmark/notifying constructing manage

Filling in the benchmark and notifying constructing control is a part of commissioning manner and a criminal requirement. Pressures and temperatures need to be taken to make sure the gadget is correctly configured. Not filling out the benchmark and now not notifying constructing manipulate can also reason problems if you ever decide to promote your house as proof the boiler changed into mounted with the aid of a competent man or woman can be required.

Author Ajvinder Singh, founding father of Ajvinder Singh is a timeserved, Corgi & Gas Safe registered engineer now concentrating on boiler installations and breakdowns within the London, Slough and Watford location. For all your new boiler wishes.